Wednesday Early Dismissal

Students are dismissed at 2:00 PM. Staff Collaborative Time begins after bus supervision and ends at 4:00 PM. Students who wish to stay for Homework Club will be supervised in the Gathering Area and student transportation is provided to the home if needed at 5:00 PM.

Nov. 29, 2017 02:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Staff Collaborative Time is divided into the following categories which rotate on an ongoing basis each Wednesday:


  1. Grade Group Meetings (all staff involved in each grade level).

    1. Grade 7 and 9 Grade Group Meetings take place on the same day with each meeting scheduled for 45 minutes.

    2. Grade 8 and High School Group Meetings take place on the same day with each meeting scheduled for 45 minutes.

  2. Staff Meetings (all EJSHS Staff)
    1. This time is allocated to present and analyze student data, collaborate regarding different school initiatives such as our CRM, FLEX Block, Teacher Advisory Groups, to celebrate success, and to provide information and be responsive to current trends and concerns in education.

  3. Staff Cree Class (all EJSHS Staff)
    1. This time is allocated for our Cree Professional Learning Community (PLC).
    2. Staff learn basic Cree language as well as about Cree history and culture of Maskwacis.
    3. Staff are expected to promote Cree language and culture both inside and outside of the own classrooms.
  4. Other Smaller Collaborative Meetings - these meetings are scheduled for smaller groups and individual meetings regarding professional practice. They include the following meetings:

    1. Professional Growth Plan (PGP) Meetings - individual staff meetings with administration regarding their PGP. This is used as a method to provide guidance and ongoing support to staff as they continue to work on their PGP throughout the school year.
    2. Mentorship Meetings - These meetings involve all mentor and mentee teachers. Topics covered include upcoming school events, staff roles in school initiatives, use of the student information system, etc.
    3. Department Head Meetings - these meetings are for Department Heads to debrief the Departmental Meetings with administration. This is an opportunity to collaborate on upcoming meeting agendas and communicate regarding department news, curriculum issues, or concerns.
  5. Staff who are not involved in meetings on any given Wednesday may utilize this time to collaborate with other teachers regarding students in their Teacher Advisory Group who may require additional support, to make parent contact to develop a supportive relationship between the home and the school, or to maintain up to date gradebooks so student grades are up to date, or to assist with student support for Homework Club in the Gathering Area.