Special Education

If you have any questions regarding the Special Education programs available at the school please speak to your child’s teacher or contact our Inclusive Education Coordinator for more information.


Jody Rehman, Inclusive Education Coordinator


Individual Program Plans (IPP)

An IPP is a working document for the student, teachers, parents and other personnel involved in the individual student’s educational programming. It is designed to help address children’s special education needs. Goals and objectives are created based on diagnostic information and recommendations made by various professionals and consultants. These goals and objectives provide the basis for intervention strategies.

School staff and parents both play important roles in making the IPP successful. Your child’s teacher will review the IPP with you at the beginning of the school year and updates on goal progress will be sent home with the report cards. Parent-teacher interviews are also a great time to discuss your child’s IPP success.



If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech, language, or academics please contact your child’s teacher or the Special Education Coordinator. If needed, several assessment possibilities are available incuding:

  • Acadmic Assessment (Psychologist)
  • Speech & Language Assessment (SLP)
  • OT Assessment (Gross and fine motor skills, sensory concerns, accommodations, etc).