Social Studies

Jed Wagner - Social Studies Department Head


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Our Social Studies teachers are dedicated to delivering quality educational programs aligned with Alberta Education standards and curriculum in a setting in which students acquire the knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes to become responsible citizens. Plains Cree Culture and Values are integrated into this curriculum to give students the best of both worlds. Our programs are designed to meet individual needs and interests in a safe and caring environment.


Grade 7 students study the origins, histories and movement of peoples who forged the foundations of Canadian Confederation. They look at the roles of Aboriginal, French and British peoples in the formation of Canada. Grade 7 students also study how Canada has changed into a multicultural, bilingual, pluralistic and diverse society; and they will appreciate how these dimensions of Canada have affected citizenship and identity over time.


Grade 8 students examine issues related to contact between societies with differing worldviews. Through an examination of Japan, Renaissance Europe, Spanish and Aztec societies students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which beliefs; values and knowledge shape worldviews and contribute to a society’s isolation or adaptation.


Grade 9 students focus on citizenship, identity and quality of life and how political and legislative processes in Canada impact them. The role of economic systems in Canada and the United States are also examined. Students will also explore issues of economics and their impact on quality of life, citizenship and identity in Canada and the United States.


Local and Current Affairs

In order to allow opportunities for students to engage in current affairs, issues and concerns of a local nature, the program of studies provides the flexibility to include these topics within the time allotted for social studies.


We are pleased to offer a full range of senior high school courses.

10-1 Perspectives on Globalization

10-2 Living in a Globalizing World

10-4 Living in a Globalizing World (Knowledge and Employability)


20-1 Perspectives on Nationalism

20-2 Understandings of Nationalism

20-4 Nationalism in Canada and the World (Knowledge and Employability)


30-1 Perspectives on Ideology

30-2 Understandings of Ideologies