Thank you to all of our parents, guardians, and students for choosing our school. I am passionate about empowering students to succeed and in fostering an environment where miyo wahkohtowin (good relations and positive connections) is at the heart of how we interact with each other. I believe every student has what it takes to graduate and move into the workforce to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and that the job of our staff is to teach and mentor students with the skills and attitudes they need to make this happen.

We are a Cree school and Cree language and culture is important for everyone to embrace and incorporate into our daily school routines. Our staff and students are learning Cree as a second language together and we have a tremendous opportunity to do so both inside and outside each of our classrooms or offices every day.

Innovation and creativity are important to me as a principal and I am supportive of teachers taking risks and trying new ideas to help students to engage in their learning and be academically successful. I do my best to challenge and inspire our staff and students to give their best effort in all that they do and I also enjoy being challenged and inspired by others.

Our priorities:

  1. Cree language and culture
  2. Academically successful students who are inspired to graduate and achieve their goals
  3. Students engaged in their learning and staying in school
  4. Improving capacity for instructional excellence

Parent partnership is important as we work together to be able to best guide all of our students to be academically successful, know their history, language, and culture, and to become responsible, healthy, active and caring people.

We are excited to potentially have our largest graduating class again this year (surpassing our previous high of 22 in 2016-2017) and are looking forward to this celebration on May 26, 2018. Ay-hay to our 38 potential graduates and their families as we continue to work together to achieve this important life milestone.



Keith MacQuarrie





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