Career & Technology Studies

Hello, and welcome to Ermineskin Senior High School C.T.S. (Career & Technology Studies) webpage.

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is a complementary program designed for Alberta's secondary school students. As a program of choice, CTS offers all students important learning opportunities to:

  • develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives, now and in the future refine career-planning skills
  • develop technology-related skills enhance employability skills apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas prepare for transition into adult roles in the family, community, workplace and/or further education.

The course structure of CTS enables schools to design unique programs that meet the needs of students and take advantage of community resources. Developed across levels rather than grades, CTS has multiple entry points and provides secondary students with access to a common curriculum. As a competency-based curriculum, CTS recognizes prior learning from formal schooling and personal initiatives.


Ermineskin Senior High School offers the following CTS courses:

1. B.I.T. --> Business, Administration, Finance and Information Technology.

    Information Processing--Mr. Wagner--room 124.


2. T.M.T. --> Trades, Manufactoring & Transportation.

    Construction--Mr. Reesor--room 140.


3. H.R.H. -->Health, and Human Services.

    Cosmetology--Ms. Sierpinski--room 130

    Food Studies--Mr. Hall--room 133


4. M.D.C. -->Media, Design & Communication Arts.

    Information Processing--Mr. Wagner--room 124.


Junior High Career and Technology Foundations (CTF):

The Career and Technology Foundations program is intended for both junior high (grades 7-9) and can be used for middle school programming (starting in grade 5).  CTF is intended to give students basic knowledge of what skills and attributes are required to be successful in the high school CTS course while providing students with hands on practical experiences.



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